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Gun Registry

TORONTO — Rural NDP MPs revolted this week over leader Thomas Mulcair's comments on the long-gun registry. Speaking to reporters
While I had long believed in gun control, its importance hit home for me after losing my mother at the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. Like many Canadians, I took some comfort in the strong Canadian laws and the seeming lack of comparable influence of the Canadian gun lobby compared to their NRA cousins in the US. However, the changes to Canadian gun laws over the past year show that this sense of comfort was naive.
By abandoning long gun registry, the federal government is saving the taxpayer considerable billions. It was a foolish law from the start, in that it made criminals out of farmers and people in rural areas who didn't trust government assurances, or simply couldn't be bothered to register their rifles and shotguns.
The Tories are celebrating the end of the long-gun registry on Thursday (though not in Quebec), but one MP's speech on the
The Liberals are accusing the Conservatives of being insensitive for planning a party to celebrate the passage of a bill
Earlier this week the House had an opportunity for civilized and informed debate, yet missed the mark entirely. Beyond the conflating the issues of abolishing the registry and deleting the data, the debate demeaned itself with its vilifying rhetoric when MP Larry Miller made a reference to Hitler.
As the Tories make the final push to scrap the federal long-gun registry, one Tory MP has compared Liberal support for the
Yosemite Sam, Shooter McGavin, Jim Hillyer. The Tory MP from Lethbridge, Alberta celebrated last month's vote to abolish
National unity may not be a hot topic at the moment, but that does not mean Quebec has fallen off the political radar. Leaders
The Conservative government will introduce legislation in the fall to scrap the long-gun registry, this time using its parliamentary