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Gwyneth Paltrow Goop

Their packaging didn't have the licences required by Health Canada.
The Great Ungooping.
The latest obsession is the "golden milk latte," something I remember my brother and I were forced to drink as kids when we got sick from a cold. Mom would simmer up a batch of milk and swirl in a few spoons of fresh turmeric powder, pour it into giant mugs and make us finish it while it was still warm.
She's not wrong.
Guess you can't put a price on a stellar orgasm.
She says the whole thing was "painful."
Um, yeah.
The stolen items reportedly included a $144,000 Bulgari bracelet.
"I went to my husband and told him 'Oh my gosh. We have Goop!' And he was like, 'What's Goop?'"
$46,000 Hermes Mah-jong set, anyone?