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Along with its Fit4Less locations, the chain is the latest business to take action during the COVID-19 crisis.
The way to successfully adopt a healthier lifestyle is to find innovative and often immediate ways to "re-route!"
They want to sell a product and promote their brand, but not all pieces of equipment or modes of training are appropriate for all people.
It wasn't until I stepped out of the gym and started exercising in nature, that I found success in my weight loss journey.
If you're a regular Joe hitting the gym, possibly after a hiatus, you don't need to be following LeBron James' in-season program to optimize your results.
Not all trainers will have a degree in kinesiology, but a great personal trainer continues to take courses to build their practical skill set
It's not always the cheapest thing to get fit, but there are some ways that you can make fitness more affordable.
Too many of us let "brain propaganda" highjack our lives. You know what I am talking about: "Who cares if I hit the snooze button and miss my workout just this once?" Or, "I can eat this cake - what does it matter?" Or, "Why even try to lose weight... I am just going to fail. I can't do anything right."
I am currently renewing my fascial stretching certification from the Stretch To Win Institute. (Fascia is sheets of connective webbing that encases and connects the entire body; it unites bones and muscles.) I do partner fascial stretching with clients, but attending the course reminded me how wonderful the motions feel in my own body. I am now re-motivated to prioritize fascial stretching after every run.
In a fitness culture that still toes the "bigger, faster, farther and heavier is better" line, many of us end up pushing ourselves far beyond what is necessary to achieve functional strength, often risking injury to do so. How can we evolve our mindset to optimize our exercise routine?