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Officials are currently deciding which groups will get priority.
H1N1's "G4" strain can infect humans, but there's no immediate risk, experts say.
We've blamed flu deaths on socioeconomic factors and pre-existing conditions. New research suggests our fate could lie hidden deep within the infected cell.
Now that the flu season is coming to an end in Canada, many public health officials will be taking a look back to reflect on the year to see what went right and what went wrong. Upon closer inspection of the details, the problems deal more with unforeseen circumstances than error.
Health officials are encouraging all B.C. residents to get their flu vaccinations. They can be found at several places including
B.C. health officials are encouraging people to get the flu shot soon amid a particularly severe strain of H1N1 this season
The flu, colds and H1N1 can look and feel very similar.
2012-05-28-GermGuyBanner.jpg Over the last few weeks, as expected, there has been a transition in the media headlines from the antics of Ford to the augury of flu. There was more than enough reason to believe that the virus that caused the pandemic from 2009-2010, better known as H1N1pdm or "swine flu" was back.
On March 1, 2011, Rachel Sutherland, a pregnant 36-year-old Albertan production accountant, found herself unable to breathe