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Here are 4 tips to keep your personal data safe.
Trump probably didn’t mean to invite hackers to target him and his allies and post their findings on WikiLeaks.
Called Meltdown and Spectre, the flaws were among the most significant hardware vulnerabilities ever discovered.
Are organizations incentivized to prioritize our safety, or are they more driven by self-preservation? At times, it can be the latter.
It is important to ensure you are doing everything in your power to protect your organization from the potential damage.
Accounts “were temporarily deactivated as part of preventative measures.”
Ransomware is effective because it often arrives via an infected email attachment, like a Microsoft Word or Excel document, appearing to be from someone you know. Once you open the attachment on a vulnerable computer, it starts to run and can lock the files on your computer and network server without your knowledge.
Just as computer hackers modify programs to access otherwise inaccessible information, travel hackers alter their travel methods to bypass some of the less desirable costs and stresses associated with globetrotting.
Data loss is a fact of life today for organizations. Data loss is caused for a range of reasons including human error, natural disaster, equipment failure and a cyber attacks to name a few. For solution providers, several 2017 trends show that backup and recovery options will be top of mind for small, medium and larger businesses.