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Halloween 2015

New platforms? New political opposition? New leadership? Frightening.
Halloween is upon us and with that comes the time for goofy costumes, candy and of course stories of ghosts and ghouls. The suburbs of Toronto are not without their own tales of ghostly sightings and paranormal activities that will keep you awake far into the night.
Channel your inner Chanel.
It's official -- Demi Lovato has won Halloween.
These houses are made even creepier with their broken windows, tattered and torn curtains flapping in the wind, creaky floorboards and slamming front doors, overgrown weeds and critters in the attic -- all the reasons to stay away.
Can you say #MakeupGoals?
I LOVE Halloween parties because they are one of the few times in the year that as adults we can be really silly and dress up in outrageous costumes and just celebrate with our friends and family. Here are my tips for how to host a Hauntastic Halloween party.
You're welcome.
"Watching Wonder Woman as a kid made me excited for puberty."
These celebs pulled out all the tricks this Halloween.