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Hamilton Police

When fascists believe a city and its police are on their side, they feel emboldened to act more aggressively.
A challenge people with mental illness face when dealing with the police is trying to have their voice heard.
"What does a criminal look like?"
I am genuinely worried about the mental health of police officers across Canada (and around the world for that matter). It absolutely appalls me that there are officers across the country taking their own lives -- some with their service-issued gun. Police chiefs across the country need to get really creative to ensure another member of their forces do not take their own lives. One way we can help to facilitate this much-needed change is by talking. We need to take the sting out of talking about mental illness. None of us would be ashamed to admit we have a physical illness, so why are we so afraid to talk about our mental illnesses?
A Hamilton police officer has apologized after a tweet he posted about Robin Williams' death Monday night upset many on Twitter
When police arrested a woman on the streets of Hamilton, Ontario over the weekend, her shrieks drew a crowd. And that crowd
Hamilton residents may want to watch out for shady characters trying to sell them toiletries out of the back of a truck. The