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Hand Washing

The "Blue Wiggle" gives us an exclusive inside look at "virtual tour" life, a.k.a. life at home in Australia.
The upside? Protection from COVID-19. The downside? Severely dry, cracked hands.
Your very clean, but very chapped, hands need plenty of moisture.
Their hit songs are still catchy at a sink.
Pair your song of choice with all the steps needed for proper hygiene, especially in light of the coronavirus disease.
Don't rush it.
Over the last few years, triclosan has been the subject of much debate. Those in favour of these products hail their ability to keep bacteria at bay. Those against suggest there is no real benefit in everyday consumer home use whereas the risks -- both to humans and the environment -- are too great.
Germs are everywhere and sometimes you can't avoid them, but you can avoid touching your face, eyes and nose. By avoiding these areas you reduce your chances of catching and spreading the germs.