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The prime minister said his government will look to improve vetting for high-level appointments such as the governor general.
The Privy Council office had hired a third party firm to investigate claims from current and former employees.
CBC reports allege Julie Payette has created an atmosphere of bullying at Rideau Hall.
Former staffers appear at committee after feeling ignored by the Senate for years.
"I am here today because I refuse to be a victim," said the Toronto reporter.
"He shouldn't be allowed to use his power in the industry to sexually and emotionally harass women."
It's time for serious introspection among those who watched, liked and retweeted images of women which were captured and shared without their consent.
I've lived a large part of my life hating food and coping with self-doubt and self-hate by restricting or overeating, because I wanted to be liked (by myself, I've now realized, and others). This stemmed from years of being fat-shamed. I thought the skinnier I got, the more people would like me.