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Harjit Sajjan

The military and Trudeau government have long pledged to take allegations of sexual misconduct seriously.
"I'm a minister now right, and I still can't be believed right? What does it take for them?"
Feds accused of buying "bucket of bolts" from Australia.
But community leaders were mad at the shopkeeper for "humiliating" the defence minister.
This isn't the first time Canada's Armed Forces have been linked to organized racism.
Freeland has delivered a vision for Canadian foreign policy that shows her remarkably level head and iron gut. The first signal to her well-placed values is the way that she sees shared international institutions as the main cause of peace and prosperity, rather than American military domination.
Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan's spokeswoman suggested the opposition isn't standing up to criticize the new defence investments because well, they have nothing to criticize.
As a Sikh myself, I admit to reacting to Sajjan's appointment as defence minister with some pride. He was considered a decorated, brave warrior and a role model. As a government minister he came across as a member of cabinet the prime minister could rely on to do their job and get results. This makes his graceless fall all the more disappointing.
The Tory leadership hopeful is also responsible for #SajjanBattles.
The defence minister made the remarks when he was in India.
The poster marks Sikh Heritage Month in Canada.
At the height of the Cold War, Canada was still holding periodic diplomatic talks with the former Soviet Union and although both countries strongly disagreed with each other, they kept talking. Nowadays, Ottawa has decided to send a message of strong opposition and unwillingness to make the situation less delicate.
Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has been dragging his feet about deploying Canadian peacekeepers to Mali. Canada should never again contribute troops to the endless UN-led peace missions that pop up around the world. In 70 years of peacekeeping, I'm at a loss to think of a single mission that succeeded.
Canada needs to understand that we are a sovereign country and it is our job to decide whether we deploy troops or not, and where we do so. Having a great relationship with a country can also mean telling them "no" is possible, especially when it comes to our foreign policy.
Defence minister says troops are headed to Africa for three years.
Defence minister pressed on looming peacekeeping mission in Africa.
It is now up to us to raise our voices and affirm the global community's intervention. The world needs to break the diplomatic gridlock and achieve relief for those under fire. At this point it's not about political gain or economics. It's about humanity.