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Harry Potter

The Toronto-based company has signed a deal with WarnerMedia.
The "Harry Potter" star instantly amassed more than 2 million followers.
Her new book "Troubled Blood" features a male serial killer who dresses as a woman.
The author's transphobic screed forces us to ask if we can reconcile our love of art with the person who made it.
The first two chapters just went live — and they're free!
Sorry, JK Rowling, there are other magical AND trans-positive worlds out there.
Cosy up with Netflix and stay warm through this deep freeze.
You've never seen baked goods like this before.
People say the casting falls into stereotypes of Asian women as subservient.
And your behaviour, according to psychologists.
The British Library is celebrating the first book's 20th anniversary.
The cartoonist faced backlash after drawing Hermione as black.
Remember the first time you read the words, "You're a wizard, Harry"?
The Potter family tree revealed a lot more than that.
These outfits are charmed.
"Green and drunk" doesn't need to be the only theme of the night, and these great Toronto locations new and old prove it. Let's celebrate the absence of snakes in Ireland, or something!
Including the Glamour Moose!
NSFH (that's not safe for Hogwarts, FYI).
And you don't even need a letter from Hogwarts to get it.