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Health and Nutrition

It feels like it's impossible to eat healthily. Once you've decided to eat carbohydrates or not, a super fruit is found. If you track down the superfruit, you need to know if it's GMO on Non-GMO. Or maybe you should become vegan and figure out what has animal products or not.
A decline in sales of sugary cereals comes at the same time that purchases of other sugar laden products such as soda (soft drinks) are also decreasing. Purchases of soft drinks have been consistently falling since 2005. But a whole lot more will have to change in terms of overall eating and drinking patterns before we can be confident that healthy consumption has won out.
Trust me when I say you should follow this list. Being healthy and going out and enjoying life is for more fun, then dieting and training just to look good. No one really cares about your six pack. Never once have I been asked to tell a story about my abs. I have been asked about my trip to Thailand with Contiki tours a million times.
Even the busiest of the multiple ball balancers find a way to move. Ride your bike to work, walk during your lunch hour or sit on a stability ball at your desk. Anything is better than nothing. You are designed to move. It will increase mental clarity, stimulate your immune system and make you a friendlier person.