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health care

Once the pandemic is under control, Dominic LeBlanc says the federal government is willing to negotiate recurring health care transfers.
The Manitoba premier recounted the story at a news conference about health care.
This affects not only who will get the vaccine and when, but also who will be permitted to administer the vaccine to your community.
The government's online conduct discourages free speech, while doctors have found themselves #BlockedByShandro.
Alberta's Dr. Simon Demers-Marcil was photographed calling the family of a patient who had died.
He thanked his Vancouver doctors after being released from the hospital this week.
The minister of long-term care was outspoken as a doctor, once comparing Canadian health care to something out of North Korea.
This is the fourth time the NDP has tried to get this bill passed.
The circumstances of Joyce Echaquan's death say as much about the state of health care as society at large.
One expert says “American-style” health care isn’t on its way to Alberta, but there’s still cause for concern.
Even though he risked his life working alongside the elderly during the pandemic, Mamadou Konaté isn’t recognized as a “guardian angel” by the government.
Removing monuments should only be the start of examining the role history's physicians have played in slavery and colonialism.
The population most in need of the alerts is the least likely to have a smartphone.
Religiously worn beards have been subtly framed as an obstacle to the safety of COVID-19 patients.
The indirect effects of the pandemic on Canadians’ access to health care could be significant.
He continued to see patients until he felt too sick to do so.
They’re working in hospitals and homes to support mothers who’ve tested positive for COVID-19.
Because you're not getting off your phone anytime soon.
My grandmother's sick without family in the Philippines, and the distance hurts.
One family was asked for $5,000 up front despite Ontario’s coronavirus policy.