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healthy eating tips

Here's a roundup of some of the most nutrient-dense choices on the planet.
I want my kids to be healthy and I try my best to feed them thoughtfully and healthfully whenever I can. But at the same time, why should I apologize for limiting junk or even calling unhealthy food junk for that matter? Why is a birthday party, play date or hockey tournament an automatic excuse to stuff a child's face with crap?
You can still have popcorn, just skip the butter.
Cravings seem to be a normal part of life for many people. And yet, in my work as a naturopath, cravings often signal an imbalance in the body. The body is literally craving what it most needs. The best scenario for both peaceful living and healthy weight management is that your body seeks only healthy foods.
When we prepare our meals at home, including our on-the-go lunches and snacks, we use fruits and vegetables (organic if possible), lean proteins, and healthy grains and fats to control what we put into our bodies and influence our health. Food is our medicine after all!
This experience certainly made me slow down a bit and put more thought into where it is I'm getting my food, who I'm supporting and what I'm putting into my body. It is a way to get involved in and share our culture and traditions, and enjoy the love and nourishment that good wholesome foods provide.
March is Nutrition Month! Make small changes each week that will better your health.
Stress eaters often feel guilty, ashamed, and physically tired after over indulging.
The more kids learn about food, where it comes from and how to prepare it, the more likely they are to be healthy eaters and have a healthy relationship with food. Get kids involved in cooking even if it's as simple as stirring or helping choose ingredients. Kids love to try foods they helped make!
There are some hidden dangers you need to know about if weight gain is a concern, if you want to take advantage of summer activities to slim down or if you have health concerns that need to be kept in check. Here are four summer foods, disguised as healthy choices, that may actually be causing you to gain weight.