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hedy fry

The month is deeply personal for some of them.
"How can we possibly ever guarantee people's safety if they don't know what they're taking?"
A report recommends a new 'Future of Journalism and Democracy Fund.'
I do not support Bill C-14 in its present state because I do not think that the final version of the bill reflects the intent of the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling on physician-assisted death (Carter case) nor do I think that it serves the patient's best interests. I did not come to this decision easily.
If my Facebook feed is any indication, Monday night's tears of relief soon dried into squints of skepticism, at least for some. I think it's a healthy place to be. Neither defeated, nor blinded by optimism, however sincere our approachable and charming new prime minister may be.
OTTAWA — Very few Canadians had complained about the political activities of charities before the Conservative government
Humane Society International's #BeCrueltyFree campaign is giving the beauty industry a makeover worldwide, leading negotiations with governments and companies to put an end to cosmetics animal testing -- forever.
Development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine is still a dream for the future. We have a Canadian strategy that's proven that it can act now to decrease transmission and lower the number of new cases -- a strategy that provides a real opportunity to end the HIV pandemic in our lifetime.
A new electoral map could cripple the federal Liberals’ tenuous foothold in British Columbia, yet another hurdle for a party
Earlier this year, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released a report showing that taxpayers put in $23.30 for every one dollar parliamentarians contribute to their pension plans. Politicians are reluctant to step away from the machine multiplying their money. Here are some dirty little secrets about those pensions.