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New Democrats want Canada to scrap the deal after Jamal Khashoggi's killing.
She is the party's highly respected foreign affairs critic.
"Where’s Canada’s voice to protest this decision?"
Not only did Canada vote against starting negotiations for a nuclear weapons ban treaty this fall, but now that the international community is moving ahead with the negotiations beginning March 27, Canada is boycotting them. The Liberals have given three different excuses, but none of them make much sense.
If we really want to support women and really want to be known as a feminist nation, then we need to work hand-in-hand with women and fund their work. We would welcome an announcement for this in the federal budget this week. But for this to happen, it would take courage and vision - not just rhetoric.
Canadian-made military equipment initially sold to Saudi Arabia has been used in Yemen, where thousands of civilians -- many of them children -- have died. Canadian-made arms have also been used to violate the human rights of Saudi dissidents. Canada may even be at risk of complicity in Saudi violations of international law.
I believe Canada must do more and become a global model. Canada should increase its acceptance of refugees, regardless of their home country. A refugee is a refugee, regardless of their origin. Settling a larger number of refugees each year is just one solution Canada could consider. Canada should also provide increased humanitarian assistance in crisis situations, and increase its development assistance in fragile states.
The minister says he raised human rights issues behind closed doors.
PM asked if he was kept "in the dark" on the export permits for the Saudi arms deal.
According to the open letter of protest by HELEM Montreal, an LGBT rights group focusing on the Lebanese and Arabic-speaking community, three restaurants in Canada are hosting Mohamad Eskandar, a Lebanese singer noted for his homophobic and sexist songs.