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Helicopter Parents

This is what really matters in parenting according to the evidence.
When faced with mediocre grades and the stress of the expectations associated with higher education, these kids are primed for a breakdown
Young people are chastised for being overly dependent and entitled, and parents get blamed for bubble wrapping their children. Is that really the case?
It's time to maybe turn the rotors on the parenting helicopter down a notch or two.
I had only turned away for a second, but that was enough to almost seriously injure my daughter.
More and more young people are entering the marketplace ill-equipped to function optimally at their jobs.
When they do, the life lesson is to accept it, learn from it, learn to live with it, move on and carry it softly.
Well-intentioned but deeply detrimental parenting is leaving our young people incapable of functioning.
Helicopter parenting is what's rewarded and (legally) expected now.