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Henry Morgentaler Dead

It is encouraging that Canadian women feel so certain of their reproductive freedom that they are comfortable, but we can't allow comfort to become complacency. Dr. Morgentaler fought to help women obtain the rights over their own bodies that they deserved. Let's honour his memory by keeping his activism moving. Young Canadians might be surprised to learn that it was just a quarter of a century ago that abortion was fully legalized in this country, thanks in significant part to the efforts of Dr. Morgentaler. And so a history lesson is in order, in order for us to appreciate just how recently the rights we assume as irreversible were granted.
What do you say about someone whose contribution to your life, and the lives of all women, is invaluable? Anti-choice groups nearly always talk about what kind of cancer-curing genius any given fetus might grow up to be, but almost no one talks about what a woman might become if she chose to terminate her pregnancy. Thank you, Doctor Morgentaler.
Canadian politicians — including Liberal leader Justin Trudeau — took to Twitter on Wednesday to share condolences after
Performing abortions for women who needed them when the law was not on his side was an act of defiant feminism. For that, and for so much more, Morgentaler is a hero. He and the many other doctors who dared to defy the moral majority saved women's lives. When we honour Morgentaler, we honour the understanding that women are inherently equal to men, that women are the authorities on their bodies and lives, and that a woman's choice is just that -- hers.
Canadian abortion crusader Dr. Henry Morgentaler died of a heart attack at the age of 90 Wednesday. Morgentaler, who fought
Canadian abortion crusader Dr. Henry Morgentaler has died of a heart attack at the age of 90. Carolyn Egan, with the Ontario