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In 1917, Boston provided immediate aid after the Halifax explosion. Nova Scotia won’t forget.
You can be proud of Canada and still critique its historical and current racism.
He shone his lyrical light on figures ranging from residential school escapees and wrongfully convicted prisoners, to hockey players and Nazi-punching Jews.
Although an imperfect solution, museums have means to re-narrate these statues in ways which speak to their original intentions and our current concerns.
I will celebrate Canada 150 in my own way, recognizing the struggles and steps forward of the past 150 years.
It's never too late to shed light on the lesser known parts of Canada's history, pre- and post-Confederation.
On April 9, 1917, 100,000 Canadian soldiers fought at Vimy and 3,598 of those died -- the most Canadian deaths recorded in the war. A century later, it appears many have forgotten their sacrifice. Worse still, many like me (until recently) don't even know they have a link to the battle.
Canadian indigenous people have been described as "ghosts of history," spectres lingering in the background, haunting our legacy. This refers to the fact that indigenous people have been ignored to a great extent in Canadian history, yet Canadians are fully aware that indigenous people were here long before the arrival of the Europeans.