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Gender inequality and unbalanced power relations are the real drivers of HIV transmission.
"HIV is the infection, stigma is the disease."
The results suggest more is needed than widespread media campaigns, kiosks in drugstores or public clinics.
In light of the continuing worry of cancer in Canada and worldwide, the advent of this technology may be a sign that victory over cancer is getting closer.
The tuberculosis advocacy community needs to build on their expertise, experience and the lessons they learned.
We need more courageous action at all levels of government to address the structural drivers of HIV/AIDS.
It's so important for Canada to look at how it invests its foreign aid through a feminist viewpoint.
Cancer therapies could provide clue to a cure.
This discrepancy between HIV/AIDS treatment and LGBTQ rights is a continued battle, and hope lies in education and acceptance. Without eradicating the stigma surrounding LGBTQ citizens, the world's most vulnerable populations will have little hope of eradicating HIV/AIDS on a global scale.