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home affordability

But affordability problems will put a cap on how high prices can go, the industry group says.
Foreign investors and wealthy boomers are just some of the reasons why Canada has a growing supply of "ghost homes."
It may be a good time to keep renting and save up a larger down payment.
The bank's economists ponder if "only the rich are able to buy a home these days."
Never underestimate the importance of psychology to the markets.
In Vancouver, you need to be in the top one per cent to buy a detached home at current prices.
A decade after the U.S.'s bust and Canada's boom, things look surprisingly similar in the two housing markets.
National Bank forecasts falling house prices in Toronto, Vancouver this year.
Home affordability is bad in Canada. It's about to get worse.
All the same, affordability may not be coming back anytime soon.