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Home Prices

TD Bank sees home prices rising 6% this year, even amid massive job losses.
Climate change and rising construction costs are causing some insurers to leave the market.
New statistics released by the Toronto Real Estate Board once again confirm everyone didn't just wake up to a shortage of land overnight.
They'll hurt resales. They'll only wound prices.
Prospective homebuyers in Toronto -- get used to one thing: ever-increasing prices. Either that or move further out in the GTA. Or rent. These are the limited options -- and unfortunate unintended consequences -- caused by government policy and market forces in the Toronto area.
And guess which city tops the world.
Housing activity in Toronto and Vancouver continues to skew the Canadian home sales picture, as these two markets experience characteristics that are very different from the rest of the country.
It's bad news for prospective buyers. It could be bad for the market, too.
With so much of the attention focused on Victoria's tent city and Vancouver's skyrocketing home prices in the housing debate, one group is left hollering, "Hey, what about us?" That group is all of the Province's renters, and it's a group worth listening to.
Buying a home can be an overwhelming experience. From figuring out your budget to deciding what neighborhood works best for you and your family, the considerations are endless.