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home sales

The data reflects "the pre-COVID-19 reality, which we are no longer in."
Modern technology means real estate deals can still close during the outbreak.
Toronto condo prices are up sharply, and Vancouver home sales are back to normal after a slump.
Century 21's realtors sense a fairly foul mood out there.
With Vancouver building 1.2 new homes for every new resident, the market may be headed for a “bumpy landing."
The Toronto Real Estate Board's latest stats didn't do much to calm the nerves of hesitant homebuyers. Surging listings and double-digit sales declines have a tendency to do that. But, prospective purchasers, this may be the perfect window of opportunity for you to be out there looking for your next home.
The average sales price of a home in Canada reached $548,517 in March, up 8.2 per cent in a year.
Half the money circulating through Vancouver's housing market has vanished.
Vancouver's boom is over, but a supply shortage could keep prices up.
This could be bad news for Canadian mortgage payers.