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Hong Kong

A new visa is being offered to Hong Kong graduates of Canadian universities.
Like many newcomers to Canada, we had other uses for it.
Wearing your mask in the grocery store may not be fun, but it’s better than a full-on lockdown.
Canada is revising several agreements with Hong Kong after China imposed new national security laws.
Richard Fadden called the success rate on this foreign policy front “pretty low.”
Protestors are highlight the ongoing opposition to Hong Kong’s extradition bill
The city has faced more than three months of unrest as pro-China and pro-democracy protestors face off.
Carrie Lam says the government won't bow to other demands.
The two sides faced off on the streets, exchanging chants.
Her message urged people to “attack” her for supporting cops.
Pro-democracy protests are expected to continue with no clear end in sight
If you're travelling to Hong Kong use caution as huge demonstrations continue, the Canadian minister said.
The Olympic medallist grew up in a Chinese-Canadian household in Ottawa.
The issue has raised the question of how much influence the ruling Communist Party has outside its borders.
Faced with a choice between prosperity and stability for Hong Kong or sovereignty over it, Beijing will always opt for the latter — no matter what the cost.
My father, Wang Bingzhang, is a Chinese political prisoner currently serving the 14th year of a life sentence for his work in pro-democracy activism. In 2002, while in Vietnam, my father was abducted into China and arrested by Chinese police. Six months later, he had a sham trial, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison.
Food is how I think of my cultural identity. It's like a table of food. It has plates of cozido and chow mein, but it also holds the new dishes that my parents have picked up in Canada. Just because there are new plates on the table doesn't mean I have to take any of them away. It just means I need a bigger table.
"It's a totally brand new city. I don't recognize anything," my mom says, gazing wide-eyed out of the decades-old tram and into the chaotic streets of Hong Kong. It's been 33 years since she moved from Hong Kong to Toronto and four months since I did the opposite. This is how I became my mother's tour guide in her own hometown.
It seems incredibly naïve to think that a profit-dependent, commercial venture is the final bastion of democratic values. Yet, in an age when companies are capitalizing on social responsibility, are brands unwittingly turning themselves into moral pedestals?
Flights mean frisky security, long layovers and unexpected delays, which can sometimes make for unpleasant travel experiences. Still, your airport journey doesn't always have to be terrible. Here are some cool airports that will make you forget about all your travel baggage.