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house of the week

It’s got four bedrooms, one-and-a-half baths, more than 10 acres of oak groves and beachfront -- and about 2,000 bullet holes
It may just be that we in Canada are getting used to outrageously high real estate prices, but this five-acre private island
Kelowna may be an isolated small city in British Columbia’s interior, but it has real estate prices that compare to some
It’s not often you come across a home with three kitchens, but this is what’s on offer in the ritzy Montreal-area ski resort
Believe it or not, the facade of the house pictured above isn’t wood or some kind of wood-painted aluminum siding. It’s steel
If you like 90-degree angles, this house is not for you. There are very few right corners in this unique mansion on the shores
Some real estate agents are growing worried that the debt crisis in Europe is going to hurt the real estate market in Toronto’s