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house prices toronto

Expect the topic of housing supply to continue to dominate news headlines
Canada’s largest housing market entered a deep freeze in January, early data shows.
It's common to hear about houses going for hundreds of thousands over asking price, bully offers and bidding wars especially in large cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. The current housing bubble doesn't appear to be anywhere near to bursting, and every day we are bombarded with media headlines and reports on the escalation of rising prices for homes. But are the media headlines themselves affecting the market by making buyers more fearful about getting into the market?
Is the beginning of the end for Toronto's long-running housing boom?
The cure for irrationality may be a mortgage rate hike.
There are still more expensive places than Toronto. Just not many.
To no one's surprise, Toronto's house prices hit another record high in February.
The average price of a single-family home in suburban Toronto jumped by $108,000 in a month.
If the loonie hadn't fallen, Vancouver real estate would be twice as expensive as New York's today.
No, house prices don't just go up forever.