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Household Debt

The age of rapid money-printing and low interest rates could come to an end very abruptly.
But a lack of up-to-date data means we don’t know what’s happening with the lower-income Canadians who lost work this year.
Are Canadian households waiting for a government bailout?
Government support has helped big-time, but it's scheduled to end, and the pandemic isn't over.
Too bad it comes at a time of monumental uncertainty.
House prices are set to fall by up to 18% over the next year, CMHC predicts.
The longer the economic shock from COVID-19 goes on, the higher the risk households will become insolvent, the Bank of Canada warned.
Low interest rates have trumped policymakers' attempts at cooling off borrowing.
The Bank of Canada may come under pressure to lower interest rates, but so far it's resisting.
If there were such a thing as money-coloured glasses, someone wearing a pair would swear that Americans and Canadians aren’t even the same species.