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Housing Crisis

Advocates say lifting the moratorium on hearings at the LTB will lead to a massive wave of evictions.
The motion “aimed to bring immediate relief” to a housing crisis.
Vancouver boasts of its status as the most highly sought-after place to live, yet it ignores the needs of those who are most marginalized.
Today's housing crisis cuts across all parts of Canadian society.
While the couple is being mocked mercilessly online, they merely set themselves up as symbols of gentrification by writing the piece and are only a small part of the problem. In fact, gentrification isn't the problem, either - just the unbridled kind.
It's a shame. The sale of Snowdon Theatre represents a missed opportunity. We need social housing badly - the city knows that. Rather than considering the needs of the people of Côte-des-Neiges, the City of Montreal has chosen to sell the site to the highest bidder.
Budget 2017 earmarked a whopping $11 billion for housing and homelessness. There's no doubt this will have a big impact. However, these funds must not only build affordable housing, they must align with poverty reduction strategies and mental health and recovery initiatives if we are to truly reduce long-term homelessness.
When people's incomes are locked into making mortgage payments or rent, small businesses and local economies suffer. High mortgages mean little flexibility, and not much left over for other life purchases. The consequence: big chunks of cash flow to Bay Street instead of Main Street. There is no question that the province needs to take action now to combat speculation, increase supply and decrease demand.