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Hubert Lacroix

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian jobs are at risk from piracy, a new coalition argues.
The CBC's fateful decision to move the national news and the long series of ill-formed, unaccountable decisions since then, makes it clear that an inexperienced, government-appointed president and board of directors is a root problem. The government's review should address this problem.
Despite the incoming Liberal government’s vow to reverse funding reductions to the CBC, the broadcaster’s top brass are still
The president of CBC/Radio-Canada says public broadcasters are caught in a “vicious circle” of budget cuts and service reductions
CBC recently appeared before a Senate Committee examining its future and demonstrated that it has no real strategy for the future.
Many thousands of us who love the CBC -- and love to hate some parts of it -- spend a lot of time discussing its future and not doing enough to help save it. But now, with the election only a few months away, we can do something constructive.
As protesters marched on Sunday to oppose funding cuts to CBC/Radio-Canada, a former executive at the broadcaster is warning
CBC president and CEO Hubert Lacroix issued an emotional statement Friday in response to the situation surrounding former
Faced with the loss of its NHL broadcasts and shrinking funding from the federal government, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp
I'm all for the CBC brass stepping out of their ivory towers and walking among the people, but I'd also like a sense they have a vision themselves. A vision that can be shaped by public feedback, perhaps -- but a vision nonetheless. Because if you ask a hundred people what they want from the CBC, you'll get a hundred different answers.
CBC staff are preparing themselves for bad news Thursday when the broadcaster is expected to announce a major round of job
The president of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation unleashed a scathing criticism of Sun Media in front of a Parliamentary
Last Thursday, CJF's full-house gathering was titled Gutenberg's Last Stand: Reinventing the Modern Newspaper. Sitting in the audience, I was certain that -- plagiarism being a mortal sin in our honourable profession -- someone would raise Wentegate. I waited. Nobody mentioned Wentegate. Or resignations. Surely, if nothing else, Stackhouse deserved his chance to explain?
The cash-strapped Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will tap into its rich real-estate portfolio to dull the pain of deep
By now, you know most of the gory details of the damage. Ten per cent cut to the CBC. Blood on the floor. From some, wails of anguish. From others, roars of applause. The time of the great networks is over. The Internet and social media have won. But old media can save itself through storytelling.