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human resources

And free snacks in the office won't necessarily help.
The lawsuit accuses Weinstein and his company of violating civil rights, human rights and business law.
The lawsuits paint a detailed picture of what discrimination does to women's lives.
82 per cent of HR professionals think job-seekers aren't always being honest.
With the looming "religious freedom" legislation which could enshrine and protect a "right" to discriminate if the desire to do so is religiously motivated, the U.S. is, in my view, increasingly becoming a jurisdiction to which Canadian employers have to be careful about sending their employees.
The failure to treat employment law and HR seriously is puzzling. Employees, after all, are many companies' biggest budget line item, their biggest potential liability and their biggest asset. So to entrust the proper and strategic legal management of them to the cheapest bidder -- to regard employment law as mere "commodity work" -- is foolhardy.
The conversation on the gig economy is often directed towards talent recruiters, HR managers and team leads but for the freelance relationship to be successful, organizations need to cultivate a genuine project mindset across their teams.
Workers across the country should be returning to work well-rested and recharged. But the reality is many people pay a steep price for taking a break. Most workers today pay a hefty "time-off tax" in the form of extra work on either side of a vacation.