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human rights

Sanctions against Belarusians are in the works, sources tell Reuters.
Human rights groups demand Correctional Service Canada release prisoners amid the COVID-19 crisis.
Jason Kenney’s government is soliciting public information on "anti-energy campaigns."
He’s filed multiple complaints over the past few years.
Canada should take effective action to demonstrate that its commitments aren't just empty rhetoric.
Sex-ed, when done well, saves lives, so what young people stand to lose in this fight with the right-wing is clear: health, safety and wellbeing.
Such camps were virtually unheard of in the West until Sun Yi, a Falun Gong devotee, turned the world's attention on them.
Canada shouldn't be seen as a country daring to take the first step against Saudi Arabia, but rather as a bully's friend who said the wrong thing.
A dispute with Canada over jailed women activists pits Saudi feminists and allies around the world against the planet's most misogynistic government.
"There’s nothing different or unique about the Canadian statements."
"I refer you to the Canadian and Saudi Ministries of Foreign Affairs for further information.”
Victims of sexual discrimination and harassment are turning to tribunals instead of Canada's complicated criminal court system.
My parents envisioned my future in business or the academy. Those dreams never materialized because I urgently needed to be an activist.
To have a meaningful dialogue with our Chinese counterparts about human rights, we must do more than simply state the phrase.
Mothers and their children have been detained as supporters of Fethullah Gulen, a rival of the current Turkish leader Recep Erdogan.
The changes we have seen did not come about because of a document signed at the United Nations.
If we stop now, then other countries — often far less focused on human rights and the environment — will be happy to take our place.
When not all members of society have equal access to financial education, we take away their ability to be healthy, independent and successful.
Pyongyang has some nerve calling UN sanctions a "genocide" when it prioritizes developing nuclear weapons over its own population's welfare.
It gave me a glimpse into awful environment that so many people, humanitarians and civilians, live through every day.