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human rights tribunal

Victims of sexual discrimination and harassment are turning to tribunals instead of Canada's complicated criminal court system.
“How do you explain to a 6-year-old? What do you tell them? ‘Oh, I’m sorry you’re Muslim; I’m sorry you’re brown’?"
"He’s basically being carded for being Muslim.”
Attention landlords: Be careful how you talk about your tenants, because one insensitive remark can cost you. A central Ontario
Racialized working-class communities, individuals and Indigenous peoples in North America know the daily reality of police violence and containment. We do not need the intervention of civil liberties organizations, critical criminology courses or the exposure of police violence at a G20 Summit to know that police are not protecting us.
Faith McGregor is happy with the outcome of the Human Rights Tribunal that dealt with her complaint against Omar Mahrouk
I wonder if Colleen Mitchell White was aware of the statement she was making when she arrived at Vancouver's Roxy Nightclub and was denied entry because she was wearing moccasins. And what was the doorman thinking? 'Drunk Indian woman prostitute buffalo hunter?'