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human trafficking

The PC government’s new program only covers short-term “essentials” for victims of human trafficking, relatives of murder victims.
We can stop child trafficking by ensuring families have the means they need to support their children.
Human trafficking is not generally associated with disability by the average person, nor is it for many who work in the field.
On Friday UNICEF is releasing a major report linking trafficking to smuggling and calling on the G7 countries meeting in Sicily to come up with plans to protect migrant children from the people predators. Mary's story reveals how the smugglers exploit children and their families.
Human trafficking can be found in metropolitan areas across Canada. It is never too late or too early for a parent to begin the discussion. Hesitating only allows the situation to become more entrenched if your child is attaching herself to the life provided by a pimp.
Child trafficking means boys and girls miss out on going to school because they are being forced to work in homes as domestic servants, or as labourers in mines. It means young girls lose the freedom to choose their futures because they are being forced to work as sex workers. It means children's lives are put at risk because they are being forced to fight in militia groups. It means the most basic of human rights are violated. A future is stolen.
If you're a child in Iraq today, the odds of growing up in a safe and secure environment are not in your favour. According to a new UNICEF report, 3.6 million children in Iraq -- or one in five -- are at serious risk of death, injury, sexual violence, abduction or recruitment into armed groups.
Unless the world unites as a federation, as a whole, it will be very difficult to stop our future generations to suffer calamities on a proportion which this globe has never been exposed to before. One example is climate change. New models now predict the possibility of flooding occurring at major cities at a much faster pace than was thought before.
Lawsuit brings renewed attention to issue of gender discrimination in the tech industry.