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i am sold

Listing your home in an up-and-coming area can sometimes work against you.
Why drive into town when you can boat?
"People want a place where they can rest, a haven away from the busy world."
Go beyond the brick and mortar if you're looking to sell your home faster.
It never hurts to ask.
"You have to be prepared to risk in order to have great reward."
"Parking is always an issue, especially if you're trying to sell a family home."
There's a difference between selling and selling well.
"Be patient and know exactly what you want."
"A home of this value… they don’t sell every day in Muskoka."
Where Old World charm meets Canadian comfort.
They regretted it.
"[It's] the most beautiful section of Montreal. Every building here is a piece of art on its own."
Have you thought about living somewhere else yet?
“It’s definitely something everybody wants, doesn’t mean it’s something everybody is able to attain at this point.”
Meanwhile, Toronto has the lowest vacancy rate in North America.
It's not exactly a New York City penthouse.
We didn't think the city could be doing this well at anything!
But you'll hear a different theory if you ask someone else.
Looks like his luck all ran out when he won $10 million.