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ice storm 2013

As winter came roaring into Toronto over the past few weeks, many Torontonians -- close to 228,000 to be more exact -- were left in the dark and without power for up to a week as a result of the freezing rain that blanketed the city. In total, the damage and cleanup is estimated to cost the city $106 million. It has been a punishing start to what could be a very long, bitter winter.
It's been a long two weeks for residents of Toronto and surrounding areas, as the aftermath of the ice storm and subsequent
Like others in Ontario, the ice storm caught us by surprise and we spent a very chilly few days without power and, living in the country, without water too. To be honest we weren't that prepared. We are now, I can tell you. But as business owners, we also have some lessons to learn from those tough few days that we can use in our business lives.
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Hundreds of thousands of people have been without power in the eastern parts of Canada for more than 24 hours now, and as
A weekend ice storm responsible for dozens of flight delays and cancellations is still causing headaches for travellers as
Toronto is recovering from a massive power outage in the wake of the ice storm Monday, but mayor Rob Ford says "the worst
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