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Lower-income households spend a greater proportion of earning on goods and services.
Canada's priciest cities are growing even less affordable for their populations.
It's a sign that cost might be a significant barrier.
TFW your ideal salary is five times the national median income.
Canadians' earnings should be on an upswing right now, but they aren't.
Being in a gay household could mean a difference of $6,000 to $10,000 a year.
Blame the rise of the machines for stagnant wages, Conference Board economist says.
Alberta sees the biggest decline in wages, but Ontario and B.C. wages are losing steam as well.
The average inflation-adjusted wage in Canada is 0.9% lower than a year ago.
From foreign buyers gobbling up properties sight unseen to young families trying to raise kids in condo towers, the Canadian housing market is a hot topic of discussion these days. But what do houses really cost these days?