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Income Gap

Lenders can hike interest rates up to 59 per cent. One senator is trying to make that illegal.
Racialized groups, immigrants and young people in Canada's largest city are disproportionately impacted by income inequality, according to a new, eye-opening report by United Way.
The share of Canadians living in poverty also increased.
That brings their total worth up to $4.4 trillion.
For many Canadians, the outcome of the United States election has been a shock. Trump's campaign, as inarticulate and venal as it was, tapped into important and deeply rooted realities, realities that may contain lessons for Canada too. Does Canada need to worry about the same festering malaise that has become so dramatically evident in the U.S.?
An ever-larger share of Canadians are working in below-average wage jobs, CIBC says.
The story beneath these statistics and trends is even more worrisome. United Way surveyed almost 3,000 people in our city to ask how they feel about their current situation and prospects for the future. We found that 86 per cent of people say the gap between rich and poor is too big -- a consistent sentiment regardless of income, age, education, or background.