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indigenous art

Jaalen Edenshaw is renowned for his totem pole and carving work.
“Why can’t we have that mindless entertainment, the silly comedy?”
Returning home to Whapmagoostui, Que. was the best option.
The effects of the Indian Act still reverberate today.
New film series shows friendship centres across Ontario are at the heart of urban Indigenous communities.
"My work is for everybody. Indigenous work is for everybody."
Christine Sokaymoh Frederick says art is a way of “rebuilding.”
"It’s our narrative. It’s who we are. It’s our history."
“It’s a different take on the fashion world.”
Who wants to be caught criticizing another fellow native artist publicly? It's practically forbidden; better we keep to criticizing the millions of non-natives appropriating our work than to engage in the equally taxing effort of questioning ourselves. The vacant work of some native art is so lacking I've felt ashamed for staying quiet.
And it is beautiful.
Students cheered as the new art was unveiled.
These works illustrate Indigenous struggles in poignant strokes.