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indigenous women

You have worked hard to get where you are, and I know that you will continue to exemplify integrity.
The safety of my community should be a priority for everyone — especially leaders at Toronto City Hall.
Domestic violence is a dark secret in remote communities.
Including a prominent poet and the first Indigenous woman in the Armed Forces.
As a First Nations woman with lived experience in the sex trade, my story and others have been erased when it comes to the fight for equality.
I believe the human trafficking conversation is a distraction from the issue of the harms of criminalizing prostitution.
I think about it all and wonder if there are enough dresses or symbols in the world to signify that pain and distress for Indigenous people.
It takes a community to exploit a native woman. When the exploitation or assault of an indigenous woman is discussed there
The self as we know it is a Western construct - a white invention. Self-help, self-love and ascribing value to the self couldn't be more white, because it all amps up to the idea that people have quantifiable values and that value is directly related to meaning.
Her speech "shocked" Sen. Murray Sinclair.