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The survey found millenials are more likely to leave a fertility clinic if they don't connect with a doctor than if treatments aren't working.
"I can't believe this is my life," said the new mother-of-two.
I lost my uterus, but I found a better relationship with myself and my partner.
There are additional stressors for sexual and gender minorities.
Knowing the facts about sexually transmitted infections can help you recognize the signs and get the right treatment quickly
It's important to take care of yourself.
Commenters called it played-out and downright insensitive.
For many people, pregnancy is no laughing matter.
Advances in fertility medicine continue to provide men and women with new, effective treatment options.
If you haven't experienced infertility, or aren't close to someone who has, chances are you have no idea what it's like.
Alo Moli and Ashley Watson made it official with their children in April.
From one woman on this winding journey to motherhood to another — I see you. Infertility isn't your fault.
Understand You And Your Partner May Handle The Process Differently
New Brunswick mom Carolynn Dubé is determined to grow her family.
Even though my son is not a pure genetic relation, I could not possibly love him any more than I already do.
Two recent studies showed that fresh and frozen embryo transfer were equally effective.
As a fertility doctor, I hear a lot of misconceptions.