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Discussing emotional boundaries was one of the healthiest conversations my husband and I have ever had.
Cheating isn't the only way a lover can violate your trust.
Something is either cheating or it isn't; calling an action micro-cheating is total nonsense, and complicating something for nothing.
If we can admit that a connection with another partner might not irreparably harm our primary relationship, our relationships might be longer and better.
It all began as an occasional after-hours and work-related text from one of her husband's female co-workers. Soon, the texts began to come more frequently, often late at night. Then she found several naked pictures that the female co-worker had sent to him.
Keep some tissues nearby, 'cause this video is heartbreaking.
But it doesn't have to mean your relationship is over.
It was a novel suggestion. What would I say to my former spouse if given the opportunity? We haven't spoken in nearly two decades. Twenty five years of marriage is so far behind me now that most of my life has been without him. I grew up after he left, a painful but invigorating process.