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There is still a long way to go if women with ovarian cancer are to experience meaningful improvements in outcomes.
Never has there been a better time to rebrand Canada as the model for economic growth in this century.
Bureaucratic impediments and regulations make simple, common-sense solutions to fight climate change a no-go in Ontario.
Today, everyone from NASA to Netflix are calling on the public to spur the hunt for alien life and help strangers pick the right movie.
Our current government has been staking much on an "innovation economy." So how do we get there?
Most people are aware of famous Canadian inventions like the telephone, the lightbulb and the game of basketball, but Canadian
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As the Supreme Court's decision concluded, "the Promise Doctrine is incongruent with both the words and the scheme of the Patent Act."
In Canada and around the world, STEM is seen as a gateway to innovation. If only it were that simple.
Administrative barriers make it virtually impossible to gain funding, operate and create a sustainable business model in a timely fashion.
These graduates have been trained on the latest equipment, software, and tools and are full of new ideas and fresh approaches which can fuel innovation and make companies successful.