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This is what you should do in Ottawa this summer.
The Conservatives have placed the health and safety of Canadians in jeopardy by failing to independently test ‘naked’ body
An Ontario woman is hoping to launch a class-action lawsuit against the federal government for pulling funding from the Trudeau
The next Liberal leadership contest will be a real race, says party president Mike Crawley. Speaking to reporters Tuesday
Liberal MP Marc Garneau accused NDP MP Jonathan Tremblay of stealing his mail Monday afternoon after Question Period. The
She calls it a “transparent plan for gerrymandering.” He calls it smart politics. Like several ridings across the country
Opposition parties are sounding the alarm about the redrawing of Canada’s electoral map, suggesting the Tories may hijack
Canadians risk being sidelined from a major reconfiguration of the country’s electoral map by new rules brought in by the
OTTAWA — The federal government is pulling the plug on Rights & Democracy, the independent agency that monitors human rights
OTTAWA — The federal government should not to hand over the private information of Canadian citizens to U.S. authorities