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Heads up, insurance guys: you don’t get all the gravy and whipped cream.
One Canadian family received $80 for a $6,000 claim after they were forced to cancel their Mediterranean cruise at the start of the pandemic.
Every business has the need to protect itself against liability and property loss; it’s just a matter of how much. The coverage
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The Green Party leader is not a big fan of "career politicians."
5. Have the right insurance when all else fails The cost of repairing a breach and covering legal expenses could set you
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It doesn’t matter if you’re running a boutique business or heading a private corporation, all entrepreneurs dream of long
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Cover the cost of going to court Whether it’s a customer making a claim after slipping on a patch of ice outside your storefront
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The insurance industry will be monitoring any effects on their costs very closely in the coming year.
These myths confuse consumers about what actually affects their rates, and consumers who aren't informed are likely not getting the best deals.
Insurance companies have long managed to manipulate our institutions into believing that there's so much fraud they must deny every claim.
There’s a perception of what life should be like at 30. We’re supposed to live in a spacious loft, land a high-paying job
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There's a perception of what life should be like at 30. We're supposed to live in a spacious loft, land a high-paying job
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Keeping ecosystems healthy prevents climate disasters, saves money and improves resiliency.
Keeping your things in good working order is likely to extend their use, prevent major repairs, lower energy bills, and reap savings on car and home insurance. To illustrate how you can reduce the CO2 emissions in everyday life, we'll break it down into two main groups: driving your car and the household.
Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws recently made headlines by announcing they will cover medical cannabis for their employees. But the devil is always in the details. While these two chains should be praised for their progressive steps forward, we also need to ask who this coverage is provided for, how much is being covered, as well as how this fits with the overall long-term strategy to position pharmacies as the front-line dispensers of medical cannabis.
While most people think about home insurance as protection for costly events that can happen to their home, it's also important to think about the things that can put your ability to pay for your home at risk. To help you protect your dream home, no matter the situation, here are a few insurance tips and must-haves for your new purchase.
No matter how well we take care of ourselves, there may come a time when we experience a health scare. And while Canada's universal health care system definitely helps us in many ways, not every cost incurred by an illness or injury can be covered.
You're a renter and you appreciate the lifestyle. Ask any homeowner who has received an unexpected roof repair bill, or had to call a plumber -- or had to move to accept a job offer -- and you'll appreciate it even more -- especially all of you "all inclusive" renters. Have you heard the news about hydro prices these days? Or do you enjoy your luxury of not having to pay attention to that issue.
Back in 2013, the province said they would lower auto insurance rates by 15 per cent. Since then rates have decreased overall, but the road to achieving a 15 per cent reduction in rates is long and the final destination is still off in the distance.
I have seen firsthand how important life insurance is when a tragedy of losing one's spouse occurs. Thankfully, in our particular situation, we had conducted our annual review with our life insurance advisor a year before he died, made sure our life insurance coverage was still adequate and updated our wills with our lawyer.