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interest rates

Lenders can hike interest rates up to 59 per cent. One senator is trying to make that illegal.
The age of rapid money-printing and low interest rates could come to an end very abruptly.
Money markets are signalling they see lower interest rates ahead in Canada.
Out-of-control inflation and high interest rates are truly the nightmare scenario for an indebted economy like Canada’s.
Good news for the global economy is bad news for borrowers.
It's the perfect time to find a lower rate if you prepare ahead of time.
The Trudeau government had been urging lenders to reduce credit card rates during the COVID-19 pandemic.
But thanks to rock-bottom interest rates, taxpayers will only be on the hook for $1 billion a year
Borrowers will be better off, but for the millions of Canadians who are lenders, things are about to get tougher.
The recent panic in the markets has made it a good bet central banks will be cutting interest rates.