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international space station

The agency is trying to raise money so they can send astronauts to the Moon in 2024.
Lightning strikes Earth about 100 times every second.
Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield says life is much different now that he's not commanding the International Space
The teams at NASA and Freelancer spent some time talking about best practices for running contests and it was a very collaborative process. The following are three key parts to running crowdsourcing contests.
Chris Hadfield truly is a remarkable Canadian. The motion, 'M-477' states that the government should "designate August 29th each year as Chris Hadfield Day." At a time when science is under attack by some, it is essential that we acknowledge its critical place in our past, present and future.
Chris Hadfield may no longer be aboard the International Space Station, but a spectacular photo captured by a Vancouver photographer
Dr. Dave Williams must be the consummate Canadian -- humble and quick to deflect praise despite everything he's accomplished -- in outer space, no less. Williams has piloted jets, saved countless lives as an emergency-room physician, and plunged to the depths of the sea as an aquanaut. And that's just on Earth.
Thousands of people, including celebrities, took to Twitter to express their excitement about the first music video ever
Forget Justin Bieber and his 35 million followers or Anne Hathaway's trendy nipples — Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has much to do on the International Space Station, including conducting experiments, operating
Chris Hadfield is a busy man. The Canadian astronaut is currently under quarantine in Russia, going through a series of pre
You've probably seen NASA's breathtaking time-lapse videos before, but now the space agency has added some creative touches
THE CANADIAN PRESS -- CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - In a flight full of emotion, Atlantis made the final docking in shuttle history