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A New York software engineer developed a Google Maps tool that makes the meme even better.
TikTok’s duet feature opened the door for the sea-shanty revival — and everyone’s on board.
E-learning already has its own set of problems — a patchy internet connection makes everything even more frustrating.
Where will we be in 10 more years?
17-year-old Jade Taylor-Ryan and her cat Ed are behind the viral sensation
Only Iceland and Norway perform more quickly on mobile, a report says.
BEDMAS, BODMAS or PEMDAS? Which do you use?
The government’s plan to lean on Low Earth Orbit satellites for help has some problems.
The challenge might be a hoax, but it's still important to be careful.
Sasktel and Videotron ranked highest for internet service.
Keeping an eye on things when you're out Through the power of Wi-Fi the Internet of Things can help you monitor all kinds
Ask the million-dollar question: "Is there Wi-Fi here?" and then wait with bated breath. It's no laughing matter; Wi-Fi has
Let’s be real -- there’s nothing better than finding out a restaurant, café, or clothing store offers free Wi-Fi. Getting online quickly, easily and for free is a simple way to feel connected to our friends, coworkers, and our favourite brands. It’s the little things that make us feel valued.
Move over Kim Kardashian...because we've just broken the Internet with these ultra drool-worthy recipes. You heard that right! We're too busy gawking at these awesome recipes that are the total package filled with so much yum factor. After you feast your eyes on these delicious beauties, you'll want to cook or bake one up too!
It's late afternoon on a Thursday and the sun is shining effortlessly behind a smattering of ominous grey clouds, forcing
Photo Cred: Karolina Grabowska The term "trolling" in today's generation refers to complete strangers writing offensive online
This simple technology can almost guarantee business success. From the AOL Partner Studio
Thanks to the digital revolution, Canadians have access to more news and information than ever before. Public consumption of the news is at historic levels. Despite all that, and despite the capacity to reach more people than ever thought possible before, the economic underpinning for gathering and producing reliable news and information is quickly collapsing.
Five ways to detect a cyber attack. From the AOL Partner Studio