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internet prices

The latest edition of an annual federal study finds Canada, along with the U.S., still has the highest telecom prices among G7 countries.
Canada risks “reverting to a monopoly” for internet services due to requirements the small players say they can’t meet.
“We are making changes for virtually our entire customer base.”
The average Canadian household downloads 93 gigabytes a month.
Dial-up Internet speeds at broadband prices...
The federal Liberal government is shutting out advocacy groups arguing in favour of greater competition in Canadian internet
Fido isn’t just for cellphones anymore. The flanker wireless brand owned by Rogers Communications has jumped into the internet
Cord-cutting, combined with more consumer-friendly rules from the CRTC, will send Canada’s telecoms into a TV-services “bloodbath
Like video games? Then prepare to pay more for internet service, analysts are warning. It has to do with a combination of
Rogers Communications is denying online accusations that it charges its internet customers for internal traffic on their
Canada has some of the slowest internet speeds in the developed world. According to data from broadband research company
Canada continues to be among the worst countries for using data on your cellphone, but overall wireless prices are coming
Canada's telecommunications watchdog has claimed a victory for smaller Internet service providers and their customers, but
Canadians are the heaviest users of the internet in the world, according to a report from the Canadian Internet Registration