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israel apartheid

Israel is very relevant to Olivia Chow's candidacy because some of the major proponents of the "Israel as apartheid state" and the BDS movement are key supporters of Olivia Chow and with whom she is identified. It is now time for Ms. Chow to take responsibility for her silence.
In the radical chic post-modern world which La Presse journalist Agnes Gruda and those like her inhabit, one cannot be both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian. According to this mindset, pro-Palestinian support requires the negation of any identification with the Israeli narrative. "An honest broker", therefore, is defined as one who is at odds with the Israeli position.
To suggest that Israel is guilty of engaging in apartheid, akin to the racist and discriminatory treatment of black residents of South Africa, is a modern day form of blood libel. (for centuries anti-Semites alleged that Jews kidnapped Christian children, killed them and used their blood for Jewish rituals)