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Jack Layton Cancer

Three years after the death of former New Democrat Party leader Jack Layton, his widow Olivia Chow continues to celebrate
As it is for anyone who has lost a husband or father, Father's Day is especially hard for Jack Layton's family. But the late
More and more, Canadian politics are about personality and who is the face of the party. I worry about the NDP now that such a strong and sharply defined leader is gone.
When I heard of the news of Jack Layton's passing early this morning, I felt let down. As cancer survivors, we are part of one big family and losing a member of this family is a painful and sad reminder that some of us heal and others just don't. News like this always seems to hit close to home.
The death of NDP Leader Jack Layton made headlines in every newspaper across Canada. Here's a collection of Tuesday morning's
Jack Layton's family released a letter he wrote to all Canadians in the event of his death. He died Monday. Click here for
Canadians from coast to coast could admire Jack Layton's attempts to turn down the volume in the House of Commons and we were encouraged by his efforts to get the various parties working together. We admired his discipline and courage during the campaign as he waved his walking stick in the face of his pain
In remembrance of Jack Layton, here is a collection of videos of the NDP leader taken over his career, including the "Hip
After Jack Layton's death was announced on the morning of August 22, cities across the country made plans to remember him
Even if you didn't agree with his politics, the news of Jack Layton's death this morning spurred thousands of mini-eulogies
NDP Leader Jack Layton's death early Monday morning sent shockwaves through Canada's political community. Layton's passing
If a federal election were held today, Stephen Harper’s Tories would be reduced to a minority government and the Liberals
It's barely been two months since Canadians elected a new majority government and a new Official Opposition, but the country's
Jack Layton's surprise announcement Monday was particularly startling for Canadians who had closely watched the NDP leader's
At a press conference today, Jack Layton announced that he has been diagnosed with another form of cancer and is taking a